Class Activities 2014 / 2015


Stefan Ljumov
Outstanding Creativity Award From the Fund of Miloš Bajić at the FFA.


Transanimations 2015
European Festival of Student Animation (FESA), Barutana, Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade
Selected student animations screening | 29-30 August.

Transsampler 2015
New Space SCC, Belgrade
Selected new and emerging student projects | 12-19 May 2015.

Transsampler 2015 / Reworking the City through New Architecture
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology, Belgrade
Selected new and emerging student projects | 2.17 December 2015.


Modelling / Prototyping Materials and Techniques
Modelling / Prototyping Materials.
Molding Technologies and Techniques.
Digital Materialization.
Workshop Visit.

LittleBits and Pure Data
Vukašin Stančević
LittleBits hardware.
Pure Data Intro and Working With Sound.
Sound Recording and Effects in Pd.
Image, Video and Interaction (Arduino).


Sound and How to Get (Rid of) It
Dejan Grba
Seven lectures (Intro, Prelude, Synth, Play, Install/Perform, Generate, Ref) on the art projects primarily created through experimenting with sound and/or take sound as a main platform.

Dataflow Programming Languages for Artists
Dejan Grba
Introductory lecture to LittleBits and Pure Data workshop by Vukašin Stančević.

ID:F (Identity: Flexible)
Dejan Grba
The importance of presentation strategies and context in positioning, identifying and interpreting the art project. Ethics of contemporary art, its social status and relations with the global trends in economy, politics, science and technology.

Vivian Maier: Anticipations
Dejan Grba
An overview of Vivian Maier’s work, its context and references.

Moore College of Art
Nataša Stojanović
A brief guide to the MFA studies in the USA.

The Inhabitable World
Dejan Grba
A selection of contemporary Canadian artists, with references.

Lectures (elective)

Digital Visualization and Infographics
Dejan Grba
Art projects based upon digital image creation and manipulation, and upon the principles of digital encoding. Infographics, based upon the software solutions for processing, conceptualizing and visualizing databases.

Sound art
Dejan Grba
Digital art projects primarily created through experimenting with sound.

Digital video
Dejan Grba
Artistic production based upon the digital techniques for creating, recording, manipulating and distributing video.


Fluxus in Belgrade, MMA Salon, Belgrade.

Tito and 25×106 Meters of Film, MYH, Belgrade.