Poetics of Digital Art

Poetics of Digital Art seminar provides a platform for critical examination of the creative factors in digital art and culture from the conceptual, formal, technological and broader social aspects. It enables the students to integrate the extensive research in digital art and culture with the preparation and production of their doctoral art projects.

The term poetics denotes the conceptual, cognitive, emotional, intuitive, ethical, narrative and contextual qualities that determine the production, presentation and reception of an artwork. It is established through the complex correlation of the artist’s experiences, notions, intentions, skills and imagination with the ideas, structures, techniques, procedures, discourses and politics that he/she employs. Poetics is a fundamental, generative and relational property of the artistic process and creativity in general.

The seminar explores a range of topics that include information society, information art, digital visualization and infographics, sound art, digital animation, cinema and video, game art, Internet art, tactical media, generative, algorithmic and software art, digital interactivity, physical computing, digital architecture, bioart, etc. The program is focused on experimental art production intended for the gallery, museum and festival system of presentation, whose poetic qualities are refined and clear, and in which the characteristics of digital paradigm are most apparent.

The seminar comprises lectures and consultations. At the lectures, the thematically relevant examples of digital art are presented and discussed from different poetic aspects. The consultations address the special topics in digital art and culture, provide a detailed view to the topics covered by the lectures, help students to continue their research and to prepare their final exam presentations.

The seminar develops professional competences that inlcude: enhanced research methodology and critical assessment of the poetic aspects of digital art and culture, creative integration of the acquired knowledge and skills with current art production, systematization and academically formatted communication of the acquired knowledge in clear and comprehensive verbal, written and multimedia presentations.

Poetics of Digital Art is a required seminar at the Digital Arts DA Program within Interdisciplinary Studies at University of the Arts in Belgrade.