Teaching Philosophy


I teach Transmedia Research tutorial course at the New Media study program at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and Poetics of Digital Art seminar at the Digital Art doctoral program of the Interdisciplinary Studies of University of the Arts in Belgrade. I taught Drawing at the FFA in Belgrade from 2006 to 2012. I approach these disciplines with both openness toward their expressive potentials and with critical edge towards their cultural context, political implications and consequences.

Art Education

The key concepts of art education are, in my opinion, primarily generated by the art practice and theory, by the recognition and insight of artistic issues, achievements and values. The social identity of art is both reflected in and influenced by the art education, and I believe that art education, as well as art, should criticize and challenge their cultural, political and economic environment.

I understand the art education as a dynamic and humane exchange of ideas, thoughts and emotions between the creative individuals of different life experiences, personalities and cultural backgrounds. My relation with students is based on a layered personal interaction, mutual understanding and respect, as opposed to vertical transfer of knowledge or ‘charisma’, because artists can evolve only through the complex and sometimes difficult process of individuation through reflection and problem solving, without adhering to predefined models.

Teaching Style

My teaching style combines my artistic, authorial and lecturing experiences. It is flexible, expansive and collaborative, with an accent on artistic experiment seen as an intelligent balance of research, studio work, learning and critical thinking. I expose my students to a wide range of topics, and encourage them to integrate their technical skills with academic expertize, aesthetic reasoning and ethical assessment.

I am open to all poetic, technical and stylistic preferences of my students but require these to be honest, under constant examination and improvement. I put high demands before students, expecting their uncompromised commitment to art, concentration, intelligence, open mindedness, responsibility, initiative and motivation based on (self-)critical thinking.


Alumni include: Vladimir Todorović, Slavica Panić, Ivan Grubanov, Veljko Onjin, DigitGroup Belgrade, Aljoša Ninković, Ana Nedeljković, Damjan Kovačević, Jelena Vitorović, Nemanja Nikolić, Isidora Krstić, Nina Ivanović, Nataša Stojanović and Ana Banduka.