Artist Statement

Interests and Approach

I initiated my art career with the exploration of conceptual, methodological and technological potentials of drawing and painting. My current investigation of the perceptive, cognitive and cultural factors of visual phenomenology is focused on the various ways of the constitution, representation and interpretation of the individual notion of reality in the symbolic and narrative structures, primarily within the context of physics, biology, evolutionary psychology and cognitive sciences.

My approach to art is conceptual and performative. It is motivated by the need for self transformation and for overcoming the personal limitations and restraints through creative process.


My production is a combination of interdisciplinary research and transmedia experiments in generative procedures. It is stylistically open, without the ambition of creating a coherent and recognizable poetic identity. The accent is on both the intuitive and rational play with the challenges of my imaginativeness, inventiveness, flexibility and humor.

My working methodology is based on the principles of reduction, clarification and optimization in making the compact projects and presenting them concisely.

I consider technical knowledge and skills as the prerequisites for a proper realization of artistic ideas, and I establish my relationship with the digital technology—which I primarily use—through critical understanding and challenging its creative potentials, (ideo)logical imperatives, shortcomings and contradictions.

Appreciation of Art

Although the epistemological and political impact of contemporary art is marginal, I believe that it should always question and interrogate the relevant aspects of human experience, knowledge, notions and relations, and offer that questioning to the audience in an intelligent, straightforward and unpretentious way.

Life itself is far more interesting than art or any other isolated realm of human experience, and art provides us with refreshing reminders to that simple insight and expresses the specifically human need to overcome his biological circumstances.